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First registered in 1969 by Southern Vectis, it was last in service with United in 1984.
The vehicle was returned to "Newtonian" livery in 1998 as part of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the new town of Newton Aycliffe. Purchased by the Society because of its association with the Newtonian Service between 198l and 1984, it was the precursor of the Roadranger services. The vehicle was returned to its original United livery by the Society when acquired in 1984.
The bus is unusual because of its body design by Marshalls of Cambridge who are well known for specialist vehicles and aircraft conversions.
Regular drivers of LH vehicles compliment the condition of the vehicle. The type was noted for its heavy steering, manual gear change and a 'bouncy' suspension.

Bristol LHS Newtonian
Bristol LHS Newtonian

Chassis                    Bristol LHS
Body                        Marshall (Cambridge)
Seating Capacity    35
Length                     26'4" (8 M 3 cm)
Width                       7'6” (2 M 29cm)
Height                      9'10" (3 M)
Engine                      Leyland 401, 6½                                              Litre developing 120                                      BHP. Returning 12/14                                      m.p.g. Coupled to a                                      5 speed manual                                              gearbox.

Bristol LHS Newtonian drivers cab. Yes, we know Brake is spelled wrong :)
Bristol LHS Newtonian inside
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